Vermillion-poster-hpReal name: Fruzina Farago

Expertise: Communications/ Weapons/Jeet Kun-do

Weapons: Twin Glock 45 caliber hand guns, Katana Swords,

Skilled in various forms of hand to hand combat, firearms and covert tactics, speaks 4 languages, Hungarian, Spanish, English, and French.

Training: Successful participant of the highly elite Super 13 training initiative.


Leader of the elite assassin group Super 13; Vermillion has an augmented immune system, enhanced physical durability, speed, agility, reflexes and stamina to that of a professional or Olympic athlete. Has naturally perfect athletic gift for hand-eye coordination that is honed to a level well beyond that of any normal human. This gives her the ability to hit long distance targets, whether moving or stationary with pinpoint accuracy. Vermillion employs any number of weapons depending on her current assignment. Most often she will utilize a combination of guns and blades.