Real Name: Unknown

Powers: None

Expertise: Torture, Explosives, Hand held weapons,  

Training:  Toxin is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and is skilled in multiple unarmed combat techniques. He is a master of assassination techniques, is an excellent marksman, and is highly skilled with bladed gunsmith having designed most of his weapons each for specific types of situations.

Gas mask, Two Heckler & Koch MP5K Submachine guns, Aerosol Armored Black Armani suits, Arsenic dispensing Cuff links.

Quote: “Mankind will always be the seed of evil. Therefore we have to purify the earth and start -anew. Only then will she be clean of his Toxin.Toxin

BIO:  Toxin is a maniacal, gas mask wearing menace that’s bent on chaos, destruction and the downfall of mankind. His method of operation is generally committing heinous acts of violence and destruction. He has particular interest in the politics of Technopolis. Toxin’s ultimate goal is to cleanse the entire earth of corruption by destroying mankind whom he feels is responsible for the earth’s degenerative state. In his eyes death of the innocents or anyone other than himself is viewed as collateral damage. He likes to hear Frank Sinatra, when he is destroying things. To keep things interesting Toxin prefers to play both sides depending on the circumstances. He can be both a formidable ally and deadly opponent.