Hammerjack3-2Power class: 100 ton

Height: 9ft

Weight: 1 ton



Hammerjack is a nearly invincible prototype militarybot created by Lavender Grey who then was Deputy Director of a classified robotics division of the US government. He is composed of a highly durable and resilient metal alloy known as Hightonium Hammerjack was the first of what was to be thousands of militarybots that would eventually replace humans in the field during times of war.

NIB director Jack Lansing secretly made a deal with third world country Iran to produce militarybots for them in exchange for a strategically planned war between Iran and Israel that would produce black-market revenue for himself while eliminate Israeli troops as retaliation against the Israeli prime minister for turning down his offer. Lavender Grey became aware of the operation from an informant and confronted him. Jack Lansing in turn framed him as the brains of the deal.

This action forced Lavender Grey’s resignation, but not before Lavender Grey informed an Iranian operative who had Jack assassinated for reneging on the deal. Jack’s rogue staff assumed he was responsible and he became a target. Expecting payback Lavender Grey destroyed the schematics for Hammerjack and secretly reprogramming Hammerjack, the first and only militarybot, to protect him and when agents came after him they had to deal with Hammerjack. Let’s just say they weren’t successful. Hammerjack accompanied Lavender Grey from Washington D.C. to Chicago where they settled in hiding from the US government.

Since then Hammerjack moonlights as a bouncer at the Pink Mausoleum. However Hammerjack’s primary objective now is to protect Lavender Grey’s granddaughter Plum Evil.

Hammerjack is reprogrammed to track and protect Plum Evil if the distance between them for any reason exceeds 10 miles.

Lavender Grey cleverly designed a diamond earring attached to the left side of Hammerjack’s head that serves as a homing device so that he is aware of Plum Evil’s location at all times. He was originally without clothing. Using the latest nanotechnology Plum Evil designed him a black turtleneck sweater, grey pint striped pants and black & white wingtip shoes to give him his own personal style. The clothes also serve to protect him and warn him of any incoming danger. Lavender altered Hammerjack’s voice from robotic to 30’s gangster style to fit the clothes Plum Evil made for him. The clothes and the voice alteration made Hammerjack sentient. Hammerjack can make a toot-toot sound like Popeye’s pipe which amuses Azure.