fusia-posterReal name: Unknown

Expertise: Communications/ Weapons/Ninjitsu/Jeet Kun Do

Weapons: Twin Glock 45 caliber hand guns, Katana Swords,

Skilled in various forms of hand to hand combat, firearms and covert tactics, speaks 5 languages, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, English, and Russian.

Training: Successful participant of the highly elite Super 13 training initiative.


Former Assassin for the Black Palm. Second in command of the elite assassin group Super 13. This expert marksman has never lost a gun dual proving to be more than a formidable foe. As part of the Super 13 conditioning Fuchsia also has an augmented immune system, enhanced physical durability, speed, agility, reflexes and stamina to that of a professional or Olympic athlete. She also has bionic eyes that gives her the ability to hit long distance targets, whether moving or stationary with pinpoint accuracy.