blue-soldier-posterBLUE SOLDIER 

Real names: Unknown

Occupation: Infantry, Security

Base of Operations: Blue Technologies


Recipients of a variant of the HDT4 serum which gives them a genetic strength and endurance augmentation. 


Expert marksmen, Hand to hand combat, explosives, knives, stealth


MPK5, Glock 22. 

BIO: B.L.U.E. soldiers are the subjects of mind augmentation and genetic enhancement. They have no memory of their former lives, families, occupations or friends. Their sole purpose is the advancement of Technopolis thru numbers, strength, and their will to dominate the masses. 

They were distinctive skull masks and riot gear. The skull masks are to be considered a stark reminder to the masses of the dead degenerative state Technopolis was before the rise of B.L.U.E.