About Technopolis

Technopolis is a futuristic science fiction action series that takes place in a fictional city of the same name in the year 2049. Technopolis takes place in a dystopian future in a world that depicts a devastated city on the recovery a major Civil War. The local police forces have begun to fail. Martial law is eminent. Supplies and food are currently scarce. As a result a mass majority of citizens are looking for new leadership.​

At the forefront for nomination for President is bioengineering multi-billionaire Felix Fender. Currently Fender has plans to turn Technopolis into a super power totalitarian state. His vision is a Quasi-governmental body that has the ability to wage war, negotiate treaties, coin money, and establish colonies. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Within Technopolis, this B.L.U.E. government will have the legal authority to establish its own building codes, power plants, utilities, fire departments, and to seize land outside the district under eminent domain.​

He desires to control the population through FEAR, OBEDIENCE and HOPE propaganda. Citizens are subject to FEAR propaganda that encourages them to think and be alike or they will suffer another great war that nearly destroyed the country. ​

OBEDIENCE propaganda thru “Mind Augmentation” or “Cleansing” is currently a voluntary process that wipes the mind clean of free thought, free will. Once the mind is wiped clean the citizen is allowed to enlist in the Elite B.L.U.E. soldier military.

A number of underground resistance cells emerged one prominently known as ROSE (Risen Oppressed Selected Enlisted). Its leader Draven Scott takes on the name The Black Rose as a play on words of the blackened or decayed governmental state of Technopolis.

​​Another is known as LAVENDER named after its founder Lavender Grey, a former NIB (National Intelligence Board) government officer of its specialized robotics division, now in hiding, after treason allegations, within the walls of his cyberpunk nightclub The Pink Mausoleum. LAVENDER is headquartered in an undisclosed location somewhere near the outskirts of Technopolis.

Fender currently has a special covert cell known as Super 13. It is comprised of highly trained and lethal female assassins whose primary objective is to perform specialized black ops missions and gather Intel to further their cause.